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For those of you who followed me at my former blog An American Living in Poland …I’m back!!!!.  To everyone else…Welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride! 

After two years of blogging in Poland I decided it was therapeutic enough to continue once we moved back home.   The only problem???  What could I possibly find interesting enough to write about?   I’m back to being a native-speaker.  I can find everything I need at the grocery store (except for the polenta and phyllo that exasperated me for at least 15 minutes yesterday) and I can pay all my bills without standing in lines at the post office.   So what does that leave me? 

How about:

  • Middle age woman seeking employment in an on-line only job market (which I have lots of opinions on)
  • Empty nester returns home to find son living in the lower level (basement sounds so cold)
  • Opening the trunk (boot) of a car you haven’t driven in nearly two years – and similar inconveniences
  • Planning a fall wedding with my daughter!!!!  (Now that ought to be good for a paragraph or two)!

It is obvious I have plenty to write, whine, complain or share so what took me so long?  Besides filling up empty cupboards and repainting not one, not two but five rooms, preparing a Christmas Eve feast, planning a surprise 75th birthday for my mom (get the picture) we decided to upgrade the site to merge some of our photography and travel experiences.   That, my friends, takes a lot of time!  We are far from where we want the site to be but it is time for the launch.  My controlling, anal tendencies could hold up the process forever – so I’m going to bite the bullet and let you begin exploring while I finish up linking, writing, captioning and key-wording to my little heart’s content.  

 We want to share our photography and hope it elicits responses in you.  Please share your thoughts, comments, heck, even things you want me to ramble on about – now that could be fun!  We are pretty proud of what we are building – so join us during all phases of construction – and share this with your family and friends.  The more the merrier!

…and see, I really did paint!!



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