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Weekly Weekend Update

I really admire all those bloggers who actually find time – and something worth talking about – to post on the weekends.   I will, NOT be one of those bloggers and will instead offer up a weekend update on Mondays.  If you can’t wait to find out how I fill my weekend hours until Monday then feel free to call.  I’m usually sitting around doing nothing anyway!!! 

Friday was the usual “hang out at home” evening.   Enjoyed a good bottle of wine, had some good snackie foods and managed to stay awake until the news ended.   Not a bad start to the weekend – even if it doesn’t even come close to the Friday nights of our youth – or the kick off to the weekends we enjoyed in Poland!

Saturday was a three-generation bonding day as Erica, my mom and I hit up some bridal salons in search of the dress of her dreams!  I must have been watching too many episodes of  “Say Yes to the Dress”, because I was throwing out a lot of “sweeheart necklines”, “pull ups”, “ruching” and “silhouettes” for all three of us.  It became clear very early Erica and I were on totally different pages when it comes to dresses.  I was all about bling and lace (shock and awe anyone?) and she was all about simplicity and elegance.   Without one “momzilla” moment we bought the dress of her dreams and it is stunningly beautiful, simple and elegant!  I do profess to a few tears the first time she rounded the corner wearing  a white ball gown – even if it never was a true contender – the reality of your only daughter getting married hits like a ton of bricks.  She will be a beautiful bride and I will be a very proud mom!

Check this picture out…by the look on her face could you tell who wanted her to try this one on????  FYI…it cost $4500 so the decision was never really a hard one!  But I loved it!!!

Speaking of getting hit by a ton of bricks…

That is exactly how Craig felt Sunday.  Aches, fever, neckache and shortness of breathe.  I knew he wasn’t feeling good when he asked to go the emergency room.  This is the same guy who never naps, always goes to work, takes his medicine and never complains.  

After four hours in the ER we were finally dischared with a prescription for percocet and an inhaler.  No flu, just flu-like symptoms.   We passed the time watching “Anthony Bourdain” on the Travel channel in our room.  Of course, the football games were on a channel we couldn’t get but Erica kept sending text messages with updates – and I know, you aren’t supposed to have cell phones in the ER.  I did turn off the ringer!!!   Besides, once the percocet kicked in Craig was interested in something other than odd food from around the world.  

For those of you who really care my husband pointed out the fahrenheit to celsius conversion in an earlier post was actually incorrect (gasp).  So to relive the extreme cold of a week ago a temperature of -25 fahrenheit is equal to -32 celsius (this time I used an on-line converter instead of my aging brain power)!  I am all about honesty in reporting!

Enough of me…hugs to you all.



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