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Job Search Blues

Ok…I admit I haven’t set any land speed records being the first to the Sunday help wanted ads but I have done enough searching to feel a bit frustrated.   As much as I love  the on-line job search simplicity I’m growing more and more wary of the actual effectiveness of it.   I’ve worked hard, have a diverse resume, worked with senior managers in Fortune 500 companies but can’t even get past the keyword search!!   Apparently my nearly 30 years of business experience can be summed up in a series of keywords taken directly from my resumé.  The computer then matches my keywords to open positions and notifies me of possible matches.  How nice of them to tell me I am “qualified” for an international marketing management position in Latin America when I have never worked in marketing (10+ years experience required), have a bachelor’s degree in education (position requires masters in marketing) and don’t speak anything other than English – and some marginal Polish.  Perhaps I am qualified because I’ve shopped in “markets” for more than 10 years, have had many “management” positions (account and project management) and was on the Board of the “International” Friends of Wrocław. 

I miss the days of mailed resumes, opened by a human and actually read!  Websites rarely, and I mean 99.9%, never publish a Human Resource contact name or address.  As much as my gut used to wrench when it was time for a follow-up phone call, I actually pine for those days.  I’d like to think my personality and conversational skills carried some weight and may have actually landed me an interview or a job offer.   The next time I fill out an on-line application I may actually try to draw some attention to my resumé and cover letter by mentioning it countless times in answer to the endless, duplicative questions – or maybe I can link, re-link and re-re-link it….arghhhhhhh!

If anyone has any insider information about any career opportunities drop a note in the comment section before I actually consider being a check-out lady at a market near you!!!



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