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It’s hard…

This blogging thing is hard. I’m not sure if it’s because my life seems much less interesting than the one I had in Poland, or I feel guilty for blogging instead of toilet cleaning or watching HGTV has taken over my life or spring just isn’t coming fast enough.

Either way I offer up apologies for not sharing all the powerful words of wisdom I wield (practicing alliteration here)!  I’ve been slumping a bit lately.  Maybe feeling sorry for myself is a better way of describing it.  Let’s face it…I spent the past two years living a dream in Poland and travelling across Europe.  What’s not to love about maintaining a home in Oakdale after that, huh???? 

In Poland I wasn’t obligated to contribute to the household finances, but somehow I’m feeling overwhelming guilt for not bringing home the bacon (literally and figuratively).  On second thought maybe the underlying cause of guilt is due to the fact I’m selfishly enjoying yoga and yamuna ball rolling classes instead of powerpoint presentations and corporate game-playing.   Just yesterday I had a second interview for a job I’m certain they were ready to offer me and I withdrew my name from consideration.  With the current job market in the Twin Cities I’m pretty sure that was career suicide but somehow it empowered me.   I’m finding energy to blog and clean pantries and plan meals and take walks with my husband.   Today I applied for a seasonal job at a local garden store and couldn’t be more excited.  Not  six-figure earning potential but what the heck…it makes me feel good!    So bring it on!!!

Speaking of walks…we spent a few hours on Sunday wandering around Nicollet Island in Minneapolis.   I’m excited to get back outside for more of the same.   Here is a sampling….enjoy!

Corner of Island and Grove.

Perfect spot for a wedding reception...if you can afford it!

Mississippi water under the bridge.

Snow globe

This puppy could have Oliver for lunch.

Popcorn anyone?

Last but not least…

Short cut to Minneapolis



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