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Trip Down Memory Lane

Spring has turned from beautiful and sunny to chilly and grey – not to mention winds blowing so hard I’m fearful of letting the dog out in the yard lest the wind pick him up and deposit him somewhere in Wisconsin!  Of course it is garbage day so recyclables are blowing all over the neighborhood, birds are flying backwards and I’m not about to work in the yard (my back is revelling in pure, unadulterated joy with that decision)!   When stuck in the house I tend to navigate toward baking cookies or cakes.  Not because the family is demanding homemade treats but to selfishly feed my craving for raw cookie dough and cake batters!  I’ve fought the urge so far but may lose the battle if I don’t find something better than laundry to keep myself occupied. 

So I’ve decided to take a walk down memory lane and pour over pictures from our travels of the past two years.  Today’s challenge is to find just one picture from every place we visited to share.  Believe me we have thousands of pictures so this should keep me occupied well into dinner time when my thoughts shift from cookie dough to something more substantial like popcorn or peanut butter toast (Craig is out-of-town this week so my culinary skills are not needed)!  

Buckle your seatbelts….here we go!!!!!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 2008



Barcelona, Spain – October 2008


Berlin, Germany – July 2008 (with Michael)



Berlin, Germany (with the girls) – November 2008


Brussels, Belgium (with the girls) – October 2008



Dresden, Germany – February 2008



Dublin, Ireland (to see Bruce Springsteen) – July 2009


 Florence, Italy – February 2009


Krakow, Poland (we were there three times) – July 2008


London, England – August 2009 (with Erica)


Paris, France – May 2009


Prague, Czech Republic (went there three times) – August 2009 (with Erica)


Rome, Italy – August 2009


Briere, Switzerland (with my friend Valerie and her girls) – February 2009


Venice, Italy – February 2009



Whew….I think that is it!  I have intentionally omitted pictures of my beloved Wroclaw, Poland and pictures from all our Polish adventures.  I plan on walking down that memory lane the next time the weather turns grey and gloomy because that  is guaranteed to lift my spirits.  Kocham cie to all my Polish friends!!!



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