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Hurry Up and Wait

Yes…that is exactly what we’ve been doing since Craig accepted his latest assignment in Atherstone, England back in November.  The plant wanted him relocated by January…ok, February will have to do…what do you mean, March?…since you aren’t here yet how about you just spend 9 of the past 12 weeks living in a hotel in Market Bosworth?   As the days passed, becoming an illegal alien was becoming more and more appealing.

We are now at the end of a very long, paperwork heavy, administrative process required to secure a temporary residency visa.  To date we’ve submitted the following:

  • Copies of passports, birth certificates and marriage license
  • Copies of Craig’s college diploma and a complete work history
  • Two passport pictures (front facing on white background) for both of us
  • Two additional passport pictures – thumbnail size
  • 2009 taxes and copies of Craig’s pay stubs for the past six months
  • List of every place we travelled to (with dates of entry and exit) within the past 10 years (remember we lived in Poland for two years and travelled extensively.  I needed a nap after this exercise)
  • Complete names, date and location of birth for each of our children, parents and all siblings **

On Monday we have an appointment for our biometrics where I understand we will be photographed, fingerprinted and get our eyeballs scanned.  We will be required to submit our original passports, birth certificates, college diploma and marriage license.  Not to go off on a tangent here but a marriage license is mandatory in order to issue me a visa because I will be travelling with Craig.  Ever hear of domestic partners????  It is time for equality for all…enough said!   After the biometrics our passports will be surrendered to the British Consulate where some subset of Scotland Yards does whatever they do to make sure we are reputable, upstanding citizens before granting us entry.  Long story short….it looks like the earliest our visas can be issued will be May 4…and the journey started last November!!! 

**Dean and Julie….if you have anything to hide please confess ASAP.   The quality of your Christmas presents are contingent upon our entry into the UK.



One thought on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Nothing to hide here….my life’s been so much more boring than yours!

    Posted by Julie Meyers | April 20, 2011, 5:20 pm

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