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Every day brings another good bye

It is sometimes hard to keep my eye on the prize when every day brings another round of good byes.   I admit I cried today…not big monster tears…just the garden variety!   I’m over it now, but am sure another round will crop up sometime between now and next Thursday when we board our plane for Birmingham, England!  

Our passports were surrendered to the British Consulate in New York City, the packers come Monday morning and we will be in a holding pattern until Fed Ex delivers our passports – with the requisite visas stamped inside.   That means I have just seven more days to get all the “miss you” tears out of my system and replace them with utter excitement tears over all the big adventures we are so looking forward to.

…by the way retail therapy does dry up tears!!!



One thought on “Every day brings another good bye

  1. Europe is waiting for you – it´s time for excitement tears now!

    Posted by Waltraud | May 2, 2011, 1:29 am

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