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It’s about Time!!!

FINALLY….after what feels like months the British consulate has released our passports and issued visas!  Fed Ex is slated to deliver them to our house before noon tomorrow (Thursday) and we head to the airport at 5:00 (17:00 now that we are going back on the 24-hour clock)!  That’s cutting it just a little too tight for my taste!!   After submitting everything except the rights to our first grandchild we still had to supply some last minute financial information so the Brits could be sure we had enough money to stay out of their welfare system.    I hate to say it, but illegal immigration is a problem only because government bureauacy makes it that way!! 

Now we will see how thorough I was in my list-making.  I’m pretty confident I aced the banking but already failed when I packed a year’s supply of prescription medicine before asking Craig if he had enough at hand in the event it actually does take three weeks for our container to be delivered.  Oops….long story short it was easier to fight the pharmacy than it was to track down the Allied moving van.  For anyone who doubts the “be nice to others” motto I assure you it did work wonders with CVS.  I’m pretty sure batting my big, brown eyes had little or no effect on a twenty-something pharmacist!  Kill ’em with kindness!!

Got to love my husband!  He upgraded us to business class for the 8.5 hour flight.  Looks like I’ll get my wine out of a bottle instead of a box, the flight attendants will smile more, the silverware actually cuts and I can sleep lying down in the comfort of a very large seat, with a pair of slippers to boot!   Ahhhhhhhhh…..

Just a couple of rambling thoughts…

  • Seriously our doors are open to visitors!  We would love to share a pint with you and welcome every opportunity to be your tour guide.  Give us a holler….please!!!
  • Gas is $8.00 a gallon…count your blessings!
  • We will be living in a “flat”.  Sounds so “Bridget Jones Diary” doesn’t it?
  • If you are thinking about calling us we are on Skype.  Just remember we are six hours ahead of you (ok..for those of you in the central time zone).  Calls in the middle of the night still freak me out.
  • You haven’t lived until you’ve had spotted dick at the Cock Inn.  Yet another reason to think about visiting us!
  • It apparently can take up to two weeks to get internet and satellite service.  Be patient with the blog…and worry more about me going through withdrawal. 

Enough already….see many of you in England and the rest of you when we return in December for Christmas!   HUGE HUGS!!!




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