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Just Another Weekend

Two weeks down and 50 to go (for Erica who I bet is counting)!!!   It was a pretty low key weekend for us.  Friday afternoon we took a ride through the surrounding countryside.  Lots of narrow, meandering country roads…with lots of sheep!  The countryside is truly beautiful but I still have a problem relaxing and enjoying it even if I’m the passenger in the car.  The roads are very narrow so when we meet an oncoming car I oftentimes feel like we are about to clip the bushes.   I spend an inordinate amount of time gasping and holding my breath.   Funny, but when I drove to Atherstone this weekend Craig spent most of the time gasping and holding his breath!!  Let’s face it…we are used to hugging the left side of the center line in the US but here hanging out on the left side pretty much puts you in the ditch, or sideswiping a parked car.  I don’t fear driving – just haven’t found my comfort zone yet.    Much like my favorite yoga instructor says, “Yoga is a practice” I now have to adopt the “driving is a practice”!

I’m struggling a little bit with the “hanging out” in apartment feeling.  I feel as though every weekend we need to be out exploring Great Britain or hopping on a plane to some exotic location.  Funny, if we were at home I’d be perfectly fine watching golf on TV or pulling weeds in the garden.  I have to remind myself that we have plenty of time and travel, even locally, does cost money.    I researched destinations via plane, train and automobile this weekend and there really aren’t any “cheap let’s drop everything and go” travel opportunities.   So, I’m going to take a deep breath (now that I’m safely on the couch and not in a moving automobile), relax and set a goal of getting to somewhere out of the ordinary once a month – and enjoy the little things as they crop up – just like I would at home!  

I passed another hurdle this week!  I made an appointment for a haircut.  Unlike in Poland where I camped myself outside hair salons and watched the clients going in and out to see if I might end up with maroon hair here I wandered past salons, ran home, turned on my Dongle-driven computer and checked out the price lists.  Definitely not cheap.   I’m starting out with just a haircut – even though all those hair-raising moments in the car have provided ample opportunity for grey hair.   If all goes well – and I won’t need a bank loan – I’ll go for the works in a month or so!  

Speaking of money…with the news surrounding the arrest of the IMF chairman Dominique Straus-Kahn (referred to in the papers as DSK – seriously) the papers have been having a field day with his past indiscretions and the seriousness of the current allegations.  Loved the headline in this weekend’s paper…”How Lust Brought Down a Hot Rabbit”!   Let’s just say there were a lot more sordid details in the article than you would ever read in the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press. 

On that note….here is the translation of the day…

Sort out:  to fix, organize, research or whatever the spirit moves.

Straightaway:  ASAP

“I will sort that out for you straightaway”.

Now if someone could get me comfortable behind the wheel straightaway I’d be one happy camper!



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