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Friday Fragments

Happy Friday… and long Memorial Day weekend in the States!  We have a long weekend too.   They call them Bank Holidays here.  Not sure if they are designated days or are in honor of some obscure event in past royal history, either way Monday is a holiday so let the party begin!  And we can have three “lie in” days to boot!

I’ve decided to free form today.   Whatever pops into my head I will put to paper (kind of like my new friend, Penny)!!  No rhyme or reason, but who would expect logic from me anyway?

Theresa and Connie…you are rock stars!  Thank so much for the cards and notes!  I get a lot of mail here; unfortunately, it is either misdirected mail or addressed to former tenants (I do admit I’ve opened some of their mail…that Lisa person better pay off her credit card because they are charging insanely high interest rates!  She should also consider putting in an address change request)!  To those of you who have yet to send me cards and letters…you are forgiven…but please consider it.  Hearing from home is always a highlight!

Feeling a bit taxed?  Consider yourself lucky.  Purchases here are taxed at 20%.   Yes, 20%!!!!  Not sure how they can have a budget crisis here at that rate!

Saw a sign today that said, “Do you have a niggling ache”?

I’m not sure if being “shattered” is better or worse than being “gutted”.

There is a barber shop in town called “Just Gents – 50’s American Style Barber Shop”.  The sign hanging from the door says, “Still the same management.  Still the same rude staff”.   Not sure if that is an editorial comment on Americans or not.  Pretty sure you could get a good “buzz” cut there though!

We all know a “fag” is a cigarette but did you know a “faggot” is a big meatball?  My friend, the butcher, tells me, “You Americans think that is really funny”!  Somehow I feel guilty for even typing that…

The last time we filled our gas tank it was $100.  We drive a BMW, not a gas-guzzling truck (thank heavens at the price of gas)!

President Obama was here this week.  A few tidbits…his security crew installed special bullet-proof glass over the windows of his Buckingham Palace suite.  Guess they thought the red-suited men with the black, puffy hats didn’t provide adequate security.  Along with the Prime Minister, the President and First Lady hosted a barbeque for British soldiers and their families.  I laughed when they spent several broadcast minutes discussing the respective sizes of the tongs they used.  TV presenters found him to be articulate, clever and educated but “long winded and professorial” during his question and answer sessions.   President Obama was honored to be speaking in Westminster Hall where only three other people have spoken.  His opening remarks?  Paraphrasing a bit here, but….”I am truly honored to be here.  Only three others have had the privilege to speak here – the Pope, her Majesty the Queen and Nelson Mandela.  That either sets a very high bar or it is the opening line of some kind of joke”!  Good one!

I watched “Biggest Loser – UK” yesterday.  I wish they would just say they lost 68 pounds.  This whole 4 stone, 12 pound thing requires way too much brain power. 

Commercials for gambling sites must contain Gambling Anonymous contact information.

Bangers and mash is sausage and mashed potatoes.   And I still don’t understand the whole baked beans for breakfast thing – or the fascination with Cricket (I’m trying….I really am)!

Last, but not least….why are cookies called “digestives”?

Ok I lied….Brits either say “bya” or turn the word “bye” into something like this….byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Long and sing songy – but pleasant at least!




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