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It’s Friday Already?

Where did the week go? I must’ve gotten thrown off with the bank holiday on Monday and phone installation on Tuesday…or was it Wednesday? I guess it’s pretty safe to say that those of us on permanent holiday still get our days confused at times!

 Speaking of the long weekend…we managed to get to Stratford-upon-Avon where Shakespeare was born and buried. It was a beautiful town on the river Avon with lots of street performers and vendors. We ate at a local pub, took a few pictures and best of all???? I drove confidently the whole way! I even parked the car in a local car park (that would be a parking ramp) without hesitation. I felt like I conquered the world! I’m still not overly comfortable on the smaller, rural roads where I’m more worried about taking off rearview mirrors…but I handled going up to 80 mph on the motorway. My confidence is high and I’m gearing up for this weekend’s adventures. With the temperatures forecasted to be in the 70’s we are heading to the Peak District. “It has been called The Hollow Country. It is an extraordinary landscape riven by gorges and riddled by caverns where lowland England erupts into upland splendor, haltered by endless miles and countless acres of bronze and purple-burnished moors, cliffs and scarps arcing to the horizon to meet with England’s backbone, the lofty Pennines”. Just envision all the rural English countryside you see in travel catalogues…that’s where I’ll be!

 After four weeks the hair salon on the main floor of our building must’ve grown irritated with me throwing my trash in their garbage can. On the way to the gym yesterday I threw two bags of trash and a pizza box into the usual bin. Upon my return the trash bags and pizza box were thrown on the ground and the garbage bin PADLOCKED!!! It seems the bin belonged to the hair salon and is for their trash only. I guess when you charge $200 a haircut you can afford a padlock to keep the dumb Americans from illegal dumping. Considering I’m not Catholic I’m pretty amazed at all the guilt I’ve been carrying around because of the great garbage caper! Thankfully I found the bins I am supposed to be using and the apology letter I’ve written and re-written in my head has been permanently deleted from the depths of my cranium!

Couple of observations…

I’m beginning to read in British. My eyes see “privacy” and my brain reads “pr-if-acy” or “progress” and “process” become “proh-gress” or “proh-cess”.

Still no accent but I’m starting to speak using the more proper language of the Queen’s English – but only to the locals. Craig still hears the pure, unadulterated, butchering of American English he’s grown accustomed to.

We have a land line now. The phone rang once since it was installed. After searching the apartment to figure out which fire detector was buzzing I figured out it was the $20 phone I bought from Tesco. The call???? A telemarketer…some things never change.

I did get my haircut. My salon search was a success. I walked out with “fringe”, short hair and some great tips for weekend trips outside of Ashby.

Translation of the day:

 “I was quite cheesed”.

He was pissed off.




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