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Ashby-De-La-Zouch, England

Quiz Night in Ashby

I’m officially a Brit now!  Craig and I participated in our first quiz night at a local pub.  One pound entry fee, a group of your mates and two hours later someone is awarded the grand prize of four gallons of ale!   Quiz nights are HUGE here.  Every pub and club in town sponsors some kind of quiz night.  Quiz and BBQ, quiz and curry, quiz and karaoke…you name it and there is a quiz night associated with it.  And we aren’t talking about the electronic, multiple choice bar quizzes we have in the States.  Nope…this is pen meets paper, four round oral quizzes.   Questions range from local news, history, global politics and geography to music and sports.   As tempting as it is to Google an answer on the i-phone I was sternly warned that would not be in the spirit of quiz night!!!  For the Brits out there our team name was “Rooney’s Plugs”.  The quizmaster said we should have earned 10 out of 10 for the name!  For the rest of you the humor will be lost…sorry!

We arrived at the pub at 8:30 – half an hour before question one.  Teams were lined up, paper and pens distributed, beer glasses filled, friendly bets and banter amongst patrons.  Round one we faired quite well, thank you!  Round two was British history and cricket questions…we snoozed.  Our involvment peaked during the music round where Craig put his vast 70’s music knowledge to good use (our partners were probably born in the70’s…).  International geography…hmmmmm…let’s just say there is not a geography curriculum in the world that would prepare you for these quiz questions.  However, we successfully answered the question….”New York is the largest city in the US.  What is the second largest city”.  Los Angeles!  YES!!!  Our partners will let us play again.  UNTIL…..”Who ran against George Bush in the 1982 presidential election”?  Our answer….Dan Quayle.  I’m glad the quizmaster didn’t call us out on that answer since Mr. Quayle was the vice president running with George Bush not against him!  Does anyone remember Dukakis and Ferraro?  I did…right after they gave us the answer.   Needless to say Rooney’s Plugs didn’t win on Tuesday but I’m sure all the local news affiliates will be providing updates on the real Rooney’s plugs in the weeks to come. 




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