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Ashby-De-La-Zouch, England, Home sweet home

Home Away from Home

Welcome to Ashby-de-la-Zouch – our temporary home – or your vacation destination! 

Now that we FINALLY had our internet installed I can start sharing pictures – without breaking the bank using up my Dongle minutes!!   Enjoy…

Not everyone can say the view out their front window includes a four-story monument to some woman I haven’t had a chance to research yet.  Since our house is named “Castlegate” (for some reason everyone names their houses over here) and the Ashby-de-la-Zouch castle is just a block or so away I had assumed this was the gate to the castle!  Guess my view on the world remains one that includes creative thinking!

As we step outside and into the car park this is what we see.  The clock tower rings on the hour – every hour!  Actually it is not annoying at all and is actually kind of calming.  Unfortunately, “The Crowded House” (an upscale restaurant right next door) has a security alarm that has managed to go off seven times in the five weeks we have lived here.  Always at night and always for no less than 45 minutes.  I’m tempted to leave a nasty-gram on their door (maybe the guys at Barrie Stephens Salon can help me with it…they obviously have a crabby streak in them based on the garbage can debacle)!

This is the front window of the flower shop three doors from our apartment.  adorable isn’t it?  Ashby is quite posh with some tweed-wearing, affluent residents I’m told.  Craig will have to add suede patches to the elbows of his U of M sweatshirts!!

This is the main street into town.  Actually Market Street.  This picture was taken on a Saturday and is reflective of the fact everyone heads to town on the weekends to shop and pick up groceries for the Sunday roast at “mum’s” house.  Lines outside the butcher shop can extend all the way to the street.  And yes, we’ve had our share of gray days…this is just one of many!

This monument is in memory of those who gave their lives in the “big war” (1914 – 1918).  It sits right on Market Street and serves as the only bus stop in town!

This is my favorite part of town.  It feels like a town square with quaint shops and a round-a-bout in the middle.  The picture doesn’t do justice to the postcard feel of this part of town.  This was taken very close to the Leisure Center where I work out every day so I get to soak up the ambience all the time.

Yes, there is an Upper Church…yes, it is posted higher on the wall…and, yes, it leads to this…

This is St. Helen’s Church – A Church of England.  It smells as old as it actually is. 

This is one of the many pubs in town.  She is somewhat imposing, isn’t she?  But this guy is even more imposing…

He stands guard outside the antique store (and I’m told there are no “real antiques” in the States)!  It is also next door to the cheapest pub in town…

…and this is what we had for dinner last night…

Everyone knows I don’t eat anything cute so with each bite I forced myself to think of this…

Otherwise titled…the north end of a south facing sheep!!



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