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Home Sweet Polish Home

We went home for four days…not to Minnesota but to Poland!  The sun was out, the Rynek was bustling and we felt as though we never left there.  The city has changed in so many ways, but feels just as we remember it.  Store fronts were painted, roads improved, some businesses folded (we do miss Vespa), apartments are going up EVERYWHERE but the charming city we fell in love with remains the same.   (Note to Michael…with the warm weather the Polish woman were out in masses wearing temperature-appropriate – or inappropriate some might say – clothing.  The scenery was exceptional – so I’m told)! 

The Rynek was home to a 3 v 3 basketball tournament, a soccer (football) training camp for kids, two concerts, one theater performance and three weddings…not to mention the flamethrower, Mr. New York, New York, the bubble blower, the Pope man, the breakdancers, American Indian dancing and the odd assortment of human statues.  And who can forget the amazingly annoying gypsy beggars, the mariachi band and the sadly entertaining homeless folks talking to themselves and moonwalking ala Michael Jackson.  And what about the bachelor and hen parties (can anyone say Irishmen still cavorting at 5:30 a.m. outside our open bedroom window)???  Ahhhhh…we miss you so much, Wroclaw!!

I didn’t bring my “good” camera (since in Erica’s words, “You already have thousands of pictures of Wroclaw”) but I did bring my “purse” camera to capture a few memories. 

This is the view of the Ratusz (Town Hall) we woke up to every morning.

I’m really clueless on this one….but it was on the Rynek so what the heck?

This building was being renovated the entire two years we lived in Poland.  Had to capture it – plus the reflection of the Rynek is beautiful!

And just because I didn’t bring the “good” camera doesn’t mean I couldn’t capture a “good” image.  This was taken in St. John’s the Baptist Church on the Tumski.

And finally…

Beer and smalec (congealed fat with bacon bits) at the Spiz.  People watching heaven on earth!

Do widzenia….I mean cheers!!!!




2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Polish Home

  1. It´s so sad, we haven´t been in Wroclaw to meet you…..I´m just back in town from a loveley wedding in G.
    Have fun in Venice and hold on your rucksack!!!

    Posted by Wal | June 24, 2011, 2:49 pm
  2. You bring a tear to my eye. All looks as radiant as ever….. Keep lapping it up, my friends.

    Posted by Valerie Pike | June 23, 2011, 9:31 pm

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