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Venice or Bust

I’m barely unpacked from our trip to Poland but when an opportunity to spend 48 hours in Venice presents itself you have to jump at it!  So jump we are!!  Craig has to oversee an experiment at a vendor on Friday so I will be exploring Venice by myself on Friday.  For those who don’t know me I am about as directionally dyslexic as one can be and Venice – with all its canals – is going to pose an interesting challenge for me to navigate all by myself.  A train, a water taxi and all those winding, narrow streets (marked in Italian mind you) should make for some good stories to tell!

The last time I was in Venice I was with this sweet little girl…

Venice was the first stop of a three country, 21-day adventure with my Canadian friend, Valerie, and her two girls.  What adventures we had…Italy, France and Switzerland…with only a carry-on bag!!!  Unfortunately, 90+% of the pictures I took were stolen, along with my purse, backpack, passport and emotional stability (momentarily at least) when my two cameras were stolen at the Pisa airport!   I will never fall for the midwest nice, help a stranger pick up his dropped belongings whilst (so British aren’t I) his partner in crime swoops in and grabs my belongings from behind!!!

With that said I can only give you a small taste of what I’m about to see over the next two days…

My goal for Friday is to get to the Rialto Bridge…my foot travels will start here!  Let the picture-taking begin…no one will take my memories from me this time!!!





2 thoughts on “Venice or Bust

  1. Ah, yes. We remember it well – and mostly fondly. Hope the sun and kharma shines on your visit to Venice. Can’t wait to see the next round of pictures. Hang on to the camera this time. I still have the 4th camera we used (the disposable) in a drawer here with pictures from Siena – undeveloped. Will have to develop it someday.
    Big hugs and carpedium!
    Valerie and the Pikelets.

    Posted by Valerie Pike | June 23, 2011, 9:17 pm
  2. What an awful thing to have happen to you! Have fun taking photos in Venice! I’m going there in October and looking forward to seeing your photos as a preview!

    Posted by Cindy | June 23, 2011, 8:39 am

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