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Venice – Part II

So what exactly did I do when I was in Venice?  Well…

I successfully navigated the rail system.  I’m not really patting myself on the back because the trip was all of 15 minutes but I got to the right platform, stamped my ticket and got off at the right station – all by myself!!

On the water taxi front I was equally successful.  The landing docks are well marked (and in English) and no need to worry about directions because they use arrows!  Even those of us who are directionally challenged could figure it out.  I was only “spoken to firmly” once when I leaned up against the sliding gates when they were opening.  I guess that was for my own safety!

Lost????  Not me!!  I may have gotten confused a few times but I pulled up the boot straps, took a deep breath and joined a tour group until I got my bearings.  It didn’t matter to me if they didn’t speak English I figured they were going someplace on my map!  The only other time I was tangled up I followed a gentleman who obviously was from the neighborhood, was dressed like a business person, walked with a purpose and didn’t appear to mind me stalking him out of the back alleys of Venice.

The Rialto Bridge is tourist heaven.  I felt like I was at the UN with all the different languages being spoken all around me.  And don’t expect to cross the bridge quickly.  You either stop a lot or walk through all the amateur photographers taking the requisite shot of their travel partner leaning on the bridge with the Grand Canal in the background.  Of course there is also the “can you take our picture” folks.  And, of course, I accommodated.  This time it was for a couple from Chicago celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  This led to a “midwest nice” conversation and all the trimmings (their boys are 20 and 16, the husband owns a car business in the suburbs and they are pretty sure the house will be in tact because the worst that could happen is” the boys might have a few friends over”)!!!

Yes, I forgot my sunscreen.  Yes, I got sunburned and yes, mom I’ve already thrown a bottle of sunscreen into my travel bag!

It felt more strange riding in a taxi driving on the right side of the street than the now comfortable British side!

Funny, but both of us fell back to Polish when anyone asked us a question.  We found ourselves saying, “tak”, “dzienkuje”, “przeprasam”, “proszen” instead of yes, hello, excuse me and thanks.  Why did we think Polish was so hard when we lived in Poland?  CORRECTION:  For those who really care….the Polish words are yes, thank you, excuse me and please.  I told you my Polish was better in Italy!

The pasta was “lovely”, the pizza was equally wonderful and the wine was not too bad either!

There are literally hundreds of churches in Venice; however, most do not allow photographs!  We were bummed because we love taking shots inside the old, beautiful churches.  We managed to stumble across a few churches and will post those pictures as soon as they are edited.

We never used the map…instead we went where the spirit moved us.

I forgot my sunglasses in the hotel.  The replacement pair cost almost as much as the plane ticket (just kidding Craig…just checking to see if you really read these things)!

So how about a few pictures…..I’m sure they are more insightful than my prose!

Here is a shot of the Grand Canal (not taken from the Rialto Bridge and not taken by a stranger)

And another shot of the ever-present gondoliers…

Can you tell me the time?

Rooms for rent….maybe????

Where’s Waldo???



One thought on “Venice – Part II

  1. Great pictures. I was there many years ago, would love to go again!

    Posted by Angelique | June 28, 2011, 9:48 am

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