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Who needs a soap opera when I can watch parliament, BBC and the British press have a field day with the News of the World phone hacking – or communication intercept as they refer to it here!  Holy Hannah!!!  I sat glued to my chair for over two hours yesterday watching all the political nonsense.  One thing I’ve learned is politics is politics everywhere!!  When did politicians stop serving the people and begin to only serve their own self interests – and their “constituents” who pad their pockets?  Listening to the inquiry yesterday I soon found myself successfully identifying the party affiliations of the MPs by the questions they asked – and the accusations they loosely tried to cover!  I’m pretty sure more of the MPs are using this scandal to bring down the Prime Minister than they are attempting to get to the root cause of the problem.  Newspapers over here are having a field day digging up dirt on News Corp when they have admittedly hired private investigators to “scoop” stories themselves.  As a result of this scandal (and it is atrocious) the face of the news over here will undoubtedly change.  If only our political environment would change as well…

Ok…off my soapbox!!  Here are a few odds and ends…

Last week was prom night in Ashby.  Evidently prom is held right after school is let out for the summer.   Yes, mid-July and school was still in session.   And…school kids here all wear uniforms.  You should see how adorable the little girls are in their gingham checked dresses.  All the Sophia’s and Olivia’s and Hannah’s.  Not to mention the Henry’s and Oliver’s, Oscar’s and William’s dressed in their black pants, white shirts and ties.   Here, however, is my favorite Oliver…

I’m getting so used to the wrong side of the road that I can now instinctively look in the proper direction before crossing the street (before I would look left, realize I should have looked right, panicked and looked left again, took a step off the curb only to realize I forgot to look right again….its was exhausting)!

Speaking of the wrong side…when going up a flight of stairs at home you would, by nature, walk up the right side of the stairway.  Over here you walk up the left!  If you meet someone on the sidewalk you would step to your left – not your right.  I learned that after dancing with strangers one too many times.  If faced with double doors you would open the left door.  Get the picture?  I’m actually a little worried about right vs left once I move back home.

I had fish and chips for the first time last week.  Two months living here before breaking down.  As much as I dislike fish it was darn good.  I guess a heavy coating of beer batter and a deep fryer makes anything good.  I still haven’t figured out how they make their “chips” so light.  I haven’t had a greasy chip once – and I’ve taste tested those a LOT!!!

We have now frequented every pub within walking distance of our house.  We feel it is our duty to find the best pub food and cheapest ales before we have guests.

Speaking of which….WE HAVE COMPANY COMING!!!!  My sister-in-law, her husband and the twins will be here August 8 – 20.  Erica and Jeremy will be here September 2 – 12.  We finally get to break out our rental linens!!

Being the wonderful hosts we are we plan on taking our guests here…

and here…

and here…

That would be London, Paris and Barcelona (I wasn’t sure anyone would recognize the La Sagrada Familia so I went with the cheeky beach)!










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