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What’s Up in the Blogosphere?

I follow a fair number of blogs and they all seem to have a few things in common.  Many adorable children, creative photography and/or a fierce sense of humor.  The bar is set quite high in my blogosphere and I find it hard to think I have anything compelling enough to get people interested in what I really have to say; hence, silence!  Living in Poland even the simplest task was challenging and inherently funny.  Living in England has its challenges but nothing remotely like the lines, the trams, the many “lost in translation” moments we had in Poland.  For some reason my life seems more “normal” here so my creative juices aren’t exactly flowing…and my kids are too old to provide those “awwww” moments we all love!    I guess that is my way of apologizing for not being faithful in my attempts to diary my existence.

So what have we been up to?  Well….we celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in Birmingham.  Great hotel right on Broad Street which happens to be the bar and nightclub oasis of Birmingham.   Tapas bar for lunch…ice cream middle of the afternoon…a Pimms for an evening starter (interrupted by a fire alarm that sent all the bar patrons to the street)…a great bottle of wine with an equally good dinner.   The night ended at O’Neill’s which turned out to be nothing more than a middle-age pick-up bar.  I never saw so many woman my age – or older – stuffed into skin-tight, too-short dresses being ogled by balding, pudgy, vertically challenged men – some with a full set of teeth.  I laughed…of course!!!  Made me appreciate the fact I’ve been married for 29 years that’s for sure!

While in Birmingham we saw a lot of stag and hen parties like this…

We experienced some culture…

Watched a “zombies” march.  Not exactly sure what that was all about but there had to have been over a thousand young people dressed as zombies walking through the square.  I read there was a similiar march in Berlin so zombie-mania was spreading through Europe.  No pictures…I was too busy trying to figure out if it was a government protest…a mob flash…or my imagination!!

Victoria Square was home to a huge Jamaican celebration on Saturday.  Food, dreadlocks and reggae music.  The same square was home to this on Sunday…I guess my life isn’t so boring after all!!



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