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Home Sweet British Home

My house in Oakdale isn’t exactly a palatial palace but you could probably fit my whole two-bedroom, two bath apartment in 1/3 of the main floor.  We’ve actually discovered that less can be more and that bigger isn’t necessarily best.  Let’s face it…at home we sleep in one of our four bedrooms, essentially use only one of the four bathrooms, the dining room only collects dust, never use the lower level family room, eat at the kitchen counter and use only one of the two fireplaces.  So being in a small flat on a busy street isn’t really all that bad.  We now use under bed space efficiently, cram our only closet to maximum organizational capacity, can hold a conversation from any room in the house, always know where our partner is, use only what we really need, get dinner ideas from the neighbor’s food smells and actually don’t really mind!!  Except….we really miss outdoor space, sitting on our patio, grilling outdoors, enjoying our gardens and walking the dog (ok….that’s me not Craig)!

And dishwashers….

And washing machines that hold more than one pair of jeans, two sets of underwear and some mismatched socks…

And a dryer isn’t half bad either (ours is a washer/dryer combo that takes 2.5 hours from start to finish.  The second bedroom subs as my dryer).

A full size refrigerator and freezer would be nice…

Note:  The freezer is in the middle, lower cabinet…and the water heater is in the upper cabinet above the cheese grater.  Now you know why I go to the market everyday….I buy what I need when I need it…no room for bulk shopping us Americans so enjoy!!

Bottom line….the size of a house doesn’t make it a home.  A home is where memories are built…regardless of size!








2 thoughts on “Home Sweet British Home

  1. Cindy, I so enjoyed this post. Your new place is just darling! Looks like you are making the most of your space (using it to the max). The washer/dryer is in the kitchen. Loving that idea. I’m will be abroad next week. Off to Ontario. lol Love and hugs

    Posted by Carolyn Sampson | August 3, 2011, 9:46 am
  2. Hi Cindy, it seems that NOW you really get to know an European flat.Have fun and enjoy everything, as we grow with all our experiences abroad.

    Posted by Wal | August 3, 2011, 8:05 am

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